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#2554 Cadet Corps 



cadet CO Capt B. Meckleberry, Cadet RSM CWO R Drebit, Cadet DM Roddie

2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps  (1975)

5th row standing: Ross Ginther, Mark Stinn, ?, Steve Ryder
4th row standing:B. Petkau, Alan Dudley, ? Rathwell, ? Cam Weins?, Glenn Campbell, Brent Chapman?
3rd row standing: Gary Drebit, Terry Ryder, Chris Waldman, Andy? Rathwell, ?, Paul Dudzinski, Ward Davies, ?, ?, Brad Pierce, Andy Roxburgh, Chico Dobson
2nd row sitting: Kitty Peterson, Lucy?, ?, Liz Wood, ?, Donna Davies, Cheryl Hines, ?, ?
Front row left to right: Alex Chisholm, Dave Sharpe, ?, ?, Barry Meckelberg, ? Lovett, ?, ?, ?, Kirk Roddy

2554 PPCLI Band


The corps' 1st flag presented to the corps in approx 1956. Note both the PPCLI and QOR badges on display denoting the two units affiliation with the cadets corps, 1975 (Andy Roxburgh)


Tattoo (Andy Roxburgh)


training on the FN-C1 rifle (Tattoo yearbook)