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Countess Mountbatten visit to the regiment and cadet corps.

This the 25th Anniversary Year of the 2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps will be an historic year for all those with the Corps to remember for a lifetime. The Countess Mountbatten of Burma will, during her visit to Calgary for the Trooping by 1 PPCLI on May 8th, 1981, present to all PPCLI Cadet Corps a special flag to be called the Mountbatten Pennant. The flags will be presented on May 10th, 1981 at a Special Cadet Parade. PPCLI Cadet Corps from Winnipeg, Estevan, Esquimalt, Campbell River and Edmonton will be part of the parade along with the host Corps from Calgary. To our knowledge this is a first for a Cadet Corps in Canada, and one that will be long remembered.

During the past years the PPCLI Cadet Corps has been one of the top Corps in Alberta, has always had an excellent shooting program, and consistently won many awards in all fields of competition. The Corps Commanding Officer is Captain Jack D. McDonald, and the Cadet Commanding Officer is Cadet Major Geoff Phillips. The Corps has always received strong support from their affiliated unit and sponsor, 1 PPCLI, and our sincere gratitude goes to them.

2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps  (1981)


2554 PPCLI Cadet Corps Band (1981)


Trooping of the Corps Flag with Lady Mountbatten May 1981 (Eric Hasiuk)


Trooping of the Corps Flag with Lady Mountbatten, May 1981 (Eric Hasiuk)


Combined 2554 and 1955 cadet Corps band, competing at Kinsmen Music Festival Moose Jaw

2nd row: Dwayne Bishell (2), Glen Robson (4), Mike Parkin (5), Elaine McGunigal (7), Carol Verish (8), Cathy Edmonds (9), Robyn Picvkup (10)
1st row: Pam Rhude (3), Jon Penner (7),