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Capt Robert A. Irvine CD

         Captain Irvine was born in Vancouver , B.C. and moved with his family to North Vancouver in 1958. He started his military career in June 1965 as a cadet in North Vancouver ’s 103 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets.  He later transferred to 525 Squadron RCAC in West Vancouver where he remained until June 1971, having attained the position of Squadron Warrant Officer.  In May 1971, while still a cadet, he joined the 6th Field Engineer Squadron (Militia) as a Sapper. He qualified as a field engineer, driver and storeman. After aging out of cadets, and while a member of 6th Field Squadron, he volunteered as an instructor with the 2573 Royal Canadian Army Cadets. He later left 6th Field Engineer Squadron to join the Cadet Instructors List.

        Capt. Irvine enrolled in the Cadet Instructors List as an Officer Cadet and was given the job of assistant to the Training Officer. He was commissioned as an officer in July 1976 and served the corps in the positions of Supply Officer, Administration Officer and Training Officer. In June 1979 he was promoted to the rank of Captain and appointed Commanding Officer of 2573 RCACC. He was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration in 1986.  Shortly thereafter, he transferred to the Supplementary Reserve.

In September 1998, Capt. Irvine transferred from the Supplementary Reserve to 105 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps “Lonsdale” and became a Lieutenant (N). He served the corps for 2 years as Executive Officer before being appointed Commanding Officer in September 2000. He was Commanding Officer until July 2003. He then returned to 6th Field Engineer Squadron as Cadet Liaison Officer. In February 2004, Capt. Irvine transferred back to 2573 Royal Canadian Army Cadets as Deputy Commanding Officer and was appointed Commanding Officer on 8 November 2004 . In addition, he continues to work with 6th Field Engineer Squadron as Cadet Liaison Officer and is also serves as Vice President of the 6th Field Engineer Squadron Museum Association.

             Capt. Irvine resides in North Vancouver with his wife Beverley. He has two grown children, David and Rebecca. In his civilian life, he works as a designer and manufacturer of specialty wood products used in professional audio and recording studios