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Maj Ken Fells CD

Major Kenneth M Fells was a Army Cadet in 110 Yarmouth RCACC. He has worked with 110, 2444, 2501 and 2841 in the past. He has been Commanding Officer of 117 North Preston, 2955 Saulnierville, 3010 Nain, Labrador, and at present is CO of 2841 Halifax rifles. Major fells worked with the staff of RCLTS (Atlantic) from 1978-1987 as an instructor, Canoe Trip Leader, Biathlon Coach, Abseil/rock climbing instructor and Winter survival training instructor. Major Fells has worked at summer training centres for 33 years. He has been the Chief Training Officer in Argonaut, Chief Training Officer at Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre and is presently the Deputy Commanding Officer at Argonaut. In his civilian life Major Kenneth M. Fells is the principal of St. Patricks-Alexandra School in Halifax.