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Capt Sandie Vermeulen

Captain Sandie Vermeulen

On the 21st of November 2001 Captain Vermeulen was sworn in as an Officer Cadet at 68 Lincoln and Welland in St. Catharines. With no background in the military or Army Cadets, there was a lot to learn. Effective 01 January 2003 was transferred to 2966 Royal Canadian Army Cadets as a 2Lt. Progression through the ranks was accelerated and on the 04th of April 2006 was promoted to the rank of Captain then and in June of that same year took over as Commanding Officer.

A graduate of Mohawk College of Applied Arts, Captain Vermeulen currently works at Great West Life Assurance Company in Hamilton, Ontario as a Senior Employee Benefits Service Representative.

Captain Vermeulen has two daughters, Candice and Jana. It was through her youngest daughter, Jana, that Captain Vermeulen became involved with Cadets.