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Capt Alex Boos, CD

Captain Boos was born and raised in Camrose, Alberta. He joined the 644 Camrose Rotary Air Cadet Squadron in 1983, and served as an Air Cadet until aging out in 1989. He attained the rank of Flight Sergeant, and attended the Basic Air Cadet Course in Penhold, AB and the Air Studies Course in Gimli, MB.

After aging out of Cadets, he was retained as a Volunteer with the Squadron. In the summer of 1990, he was employed at the Penhold Air Cadet Camp. Attested in July of 1990, Officer Cadet Boos worked as a Basic Flight Commander. Upon returning to the Squadron, he was employed as an instructor with 644 for the next two years.

Upon completion of his Basic Officer Qualification Course, Officer Cadet Boos was employed as the Squadron Supply Officer. This position was to be short lived due to his civilian employment obligations. Promoted to Second Lieutenant in the fall of 1992, he was employed as the Assistant Training Officer. He would hold this position for the next three years.

In 1993 Second Lieutenant Boos completed his Lieutenant Qualification Course. A year later he would be promoted to Lieutenant and would be the Training Officer for 644 Camrose. He remained in this role, even when his civilian employment prompted a move to Edmonton in 1995.

In 1996, Lieutenant Boos completed his Captain Qualification Course. In May of 1997 He took command of 644 Camrose. He was promoted to Captain in October of 1997. Until that time Captain Boos would be the junior most serving Officer with 644. In January of 1998 he completed his Commanding Officers Course and the Cold Weather Indoctrination Course.

In 1998 Captain Boos moved back to Camrose to seek new employment. During this time he would spend the next three years employed at the Penhold Cadet Summer Training Center as a Basic Squadron Training Officer, General Training Wing Administration Officer, and the Trans Canada Trail Coordinator. He would also retain his position as Commanding Officer of the 644 Camrose Rotary Cougars Squadron. 

In the spring of 2001, after serving four years as Commanding Officer of 644, Captain Boos relinquished command. He was immediately asked to assist with the 572 Castor Air Cadet Squadron that had reformed the year previous. In July of 2001 Captain Boos took command of 572 Castor, a position he held for the next two years, commuting regularly from Camrose. Captain Boos was awarded his Canadian Forces Decoration in 2002.

After departing 572 Castor in 2003, Captain Boos was asked to assist the 3068 South Alberta Light Horse Camrose Army Cadet Corps. He spent his first year as the Standards Officer and as an Instructor. In the spring of 2004, Captain Boos was asked to take command of 3068. He would officially become the Commanding Officer in the fall of 2004, the position that he currently holds.