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J. Byron Carr – Biography


J. Byron Carr was born in Woodstock in 1905 and educated in the schools of the town.  After graduating from high school, he attended Provincial Normal School before going to the University of New Brunswick for four years.

Mr. Carr’s professional career commenced at the Broadway School where he joined the teaching staff, and in 1927, became the Principal.  While there, he received his Masters in Education from Columbia University, and remained as teacher and principal until he joined the staff of the Woodstock High School.

Mr. Carr started the football team, and took a great interest in the Cadet Corps, often accompanying the Cadets to summer camp in Sussex.  At the outbreak of the war, he left teaching and joined the army, ultimately attaining the rank of Major.  Following the war, he joined the staff of the High School and became its principal in 1949.  Under his Principalship the new Woodstock Composite High School building (now Woodstock Junior High School) was opened.

For eight years, Mr. Carr was on the Board of New Brunswick Teachers’ Association, serving as its president in 1958.  During his presidency he went overseas with provincial Minister and Deputy Minister of Education to study educational practices in Britain, France, Belgium and Germany.

In 1960 Mr. Carr became County Superintendent of Schools, but retired because of ill-health in 1963.  He died in 1965.  During his brief tenure, Mr. Carr played an active part in the consolidation of the County Schools, a process which included the opening of Southern Carleton Regional High School on the Houlton Road.