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# 41 Cadet Corps




On Nov 30 2013 the corps held a gala to celebrate the corps 115th anniversary.  From left to right Capt Chris Pittens, Capt Phil Matthews, Maj Mark Hlozan and Capt Craig Jacob.


surviving CO's of #41 From left to right-  Capt Chris Pittens (2004-2008), Capt Mark Hlozan (2008-2012), Maj (Ret'd) Patrick Dooley (1972-1883, 1992-1995), Capt Phil Matthews (1999-2004) and Capt Craig Jacob (2012-2014).


The Corps Commanders trophy awarded to the corps top cadet is awarded to WO Logan Stoneburg in 2012 by the corps surviving past and current CO's)


The corps donated to the township of Scugog a frame consisting of the Ontario Regiment, Army cadet pre-1952 and current cap badges, a Cadet Services of Canada and CIC Cap badge and three pages of the Militia Order 1898 establishing the birth of the corps.