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#59 Cadet Corps



The 59th Cadet Corps, Chatham Ontario, celebrated itís 100th anniversary in 2000. In 1901, the Chatham Collegiate Institute (C.C.I.) was selected as the Chatham school to have itís own cadet corps and every male student was expected to participate. The Chatham Board of Education then purchased caps for the cadets at a cost of $ 11.55 and uniforms for $ 176.00. The 59th. was a prominent part of school activities from 1900 to 1967 when the Ministry of Education and the local school board decided that the movement should be phased out of schools. Although that marked the end of the school corps, the 59th. continues as an open corps organization affiliated with the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment. The attached picture was taken by the Chatham Daily News September 2000.

(courtesy Gord Wells)