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On Sunday 15 January 2006, cadets from 72 Seaforth RCACC visited George Derby Long-Term Care Centre during the afternoon tea. They spoke with many veterans who are residents at the facility, and also served them cookies and coffee. Few veterans were actually Seaforth, but there were also airforce and navy members. Some residents spoke very briefly about their World War II experience, but most were keen to learn how cadets are doing at school, what they are learning at the cadet corps, and what was their experience at the summer camp. At the end of the visit, RSM along with senior cadets performed very quick ceremonial drill presentation to the delight of the elderly spectators. The visit is an annual event that has been a tradition at the corps for a very long-time and is usually scheduled around Christmas season. (RCSU Pacific)


The 72nd Seaforth RCACC deployed on January 20-22, 2006 to Whistler, BC for their annual winter exercise. Advance party had to draw stores early on Friday morning and deploy by 1100hrs from Vancouver in order to set-up tents prior to main party arrival the same evening. The unit stayed at Riverside RV Park and conducted its training at the back of this large property in forested area near Lost Lake park. There was plenty of snow to practice winter survival skills. Cadets assembled arctic winter tents and practiced taking them down and putting them up until they could do it under 5 minutes. Also each cadet had to learn how to fuel up a 2 burner stove and lit it up safely. The senior cadets showed new cadets how to travel in snow with toboggan. Finally, all cadets practiced building quinzhees emergency shelters (snow caves).

The fire kept the fire picket warm through the night. However, most cadets enjoyed the night sleeping in comfortable arctic tents provided by the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada for this exercise. However, the RCSU(P) provided the remainder of logistical support. Overall, this was a very successful exercise and in many ways familiarized cadets with the future site of Winter Olympics 2010. (RCSU Pacific)