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#1532 Cadet Corps

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Name -     Corps de Cadets École Polyvalente Charles Gravel

Location     Chicoutimi Nord, QC  

Formed   April 8, 1931     Disbanded      Active



Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 


History -   

1532 Corps de Cadets Sacre-Coeur de Ste-Anne de Chicoutimi was formed on 8 Apr 31. On 7 Mar 1945 the Corps was redesignated 1532 C de C College St Jean-Baptiste. The corps has been affiliated with the Regiment de Saguenay since 1947. affil.: Le Regt du Saguenay, Jun 30, 1947. On 1 Jan l964 it was redesignated as Corps de Cadets Ecole Secondaire Eugene Lapointe. In 1970, due to relocation of the high school the Corps redesignated as Corps de Cadets Ecole Polyvalente Charles Gravel and sponsored by same. redisig: College St.Jean-Baptiste Cadet Corps, Ste-Anne-de-Chocoutimi Mar 7 1942. H.Q. 12-S-316

possible flocked shoulder flash WWII