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#1703 Cadet Corps


Name - 44th Field Engineer Sqn (M) Cadet Corps 

Location Trail, BC 

Formed November 7, 1940          Disbanded November 30, 1993

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 



 Capt G.Wriedt (1975)


 Capt K. Geldrich (1979)








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History -   

1703 Trail - Tadanac High School Cadet Corps was formed 7 November 1940. affil.: 24th Field Regt RCA, Nov 28, 1946. redisig: Trail-Tadanac (109th Field Battery RCA) Cadet Corps, Nov 28, 1946. In 1946 authority was granted for an affiliation with 24th Field Regiment RCA and the Corps redesignated as 1703 Trail - Tadanac (109th Field Battery RCA) Cadet Corps. In 1951 the Corps redesignated to 1703 109 HAA Bty Cadet Corps. redisig: Trail Cadet Corps, Jan 1, 1956. In 1956 the sponsor requested a change in designation to 1703 Trail Cadet Corps which was granted. In 1963 'Army' was incorporated into the designation (Trail Army Cadet Corps). In 1965 the sponsor changed from 24th Fd Arty Regt to 44 Fd Sqn RCE. Message D Cdts 488 dated 27 September 1966 changed designation to 1703 44th Field Squadron RCE Cadet Corps. Message Unclas Cdts 0170 dated 29 January 1985 showed that the Parents Committee assumed co-sponsorship.

Disbandment recommended annual inspection report 1993. Disbandment of this corps is authorized effective 30 Nov 93   

 Possible flocked shoulder flash