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#1748 Cadet Corps

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Name -                       Fort Qu'Appelle Rotary Cadet Corps

Location                    Fort Qu Appelle, SK

Formed                     December 11, 1940          Disbanded                March 19, 1951

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Formed 11 December 1940 (MO 292/40) and designated as #1748 Fort Qu'Appelle Cadet Corps. Effective 26 May 1948 (CAO Supp 89/48), the Corps was re designated as #1748 Fort Qu'Appelle Rotary Cadet Corps and affiliated with 22nd Field Regiment RCA. The Corps was disbanded 19 March 1951 (CAO Supp 237/51). affil.: 22nd Field Regt. RCA, May 26, 1948   

 Possible flocked shoulder flash