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#1775 Cadet Corps

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Name -                       Notre Dame Dalhousie Cadet Corps

Location                   Dalhousie, NB 

Formed                     February 28, 1941           Disbanded                August 31, 1960

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

 Chief Inst. Brother Arthur (1948-52)  
 Lt J.E.M. Vallillee (1953-54)  
 Capt R.J.R. Petit (1955-57)  

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History -   

Dalhousie Convent School Cadet Corps. Affiliation: 2/28th (R) Fd. Battery RC Artillery Mar 17, 1943. Affiliated with 2nd(R) Bn North Shore (NB) Regt, 1945 CA order #262. affil.: 2nd Bn Royal New Brunswick Regt (North Shore), Jan 1, 1955. H.Q. 12-D-56   

 Possible flocked shoulder flash