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Name -  Rocky Mountain Rangers Salmon Arm Cadet Corps

Location  Salmon Arm, BC

Formed February 28, 1941      Disbanded  Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Chief Inst. Bill Grant (1940-45)  Biography  
Chief Inst Bob Yerborough (1945)  Biography   
Chief Inst Jack Mitchell (1946-47)  
Capt Maurice Landers CD (1947-72)  
Capt Bob MacAulay (1972-74)  Biography
Capt Gord N. Redman (1975-79)  Biography
Capt John R. Smith (1979-81)  Biography  
Capt Ethel McLeod CD (1982 - Jan 1985)  Biography
Capt R.B.E. Clark, MMM CD  (Jan 1985 - Dec 1985)  Biography  
Capt M.E. Studer CD (1986-88) Biography
Capt Andy Aak CD (1988-89) Biography  
Lt Ray Bruneau (1989-90) Biography  
Capt George Markin  CD (1990-92)  Biography
Capt Lee Fraser (1993-97)  Biography
Maj Nick Pope CD (1997-2000)  Biography
Capt Steve Martens (2000-03)  Biography
Lt Lorraine Millwater CD (2003-)  Biography  


Senior Cadets

C/RSM L. Laufer (1978)  
C/RSM C. Smith (1983)  
C/MWO H. Alouf (1985)   
C/RSM Paul Downie Jr (1989)  
C/RSM J. Langan (1990)  
C/RSM Colbey Attesey (1991-92)  
C/RSM Jessica Ellenor (1993)  
C/RSM Lynn Anderson (1994-96)  
C/RSM Nicole Bland (1997)  
C/RSM Angie Anderson (1998)  
C/RSM Jennifer Bland (1999)  
C/RSM Amanda Drewe (2000)  
C/RSM Chris Muller (2001)  
C/RSM  Douglas WIckware (2002-04)  


Corps Flag


Corps Home

Salmon Arm High School 1940 - 1950
Sarha Hall 1950 - 1972
J.L. Jackson High School 1972 - 1987
RM Rang Armoury 1987 -


1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s


  In 1940 the organization started under the command of Mr. Bill Grant, principal of the high school which was J. L. Jackson then. This program was compulsory for all students, male and female and was called the high school Cadet
Corps. The uniform was a white shirt, blue pants, with a white stripe down the pant leg. Girls wore a blue skirt and
white blouse. In 1945 the command was then taken over by Mr. Bob Yerborough, principal. Between '45 and '47 Mr. Jack Michell took over for a short period. In 1947 Mr. Maurice Landers took the command and held the position of Commanding Officer for 25 years, retiring in 1972. 

Sometime during this 25 years, the Corps moved into Sarha Hall (which has since been torn down). During that time the Royal Canadian Legion became the sponsor. Also the Rocky Mountain Rangers Militia became our affiliated unit. Mr. Bob MacAulay took over in 1972, being a teacher in the Senior Secondary High School, he moved the Corps from Sarha Hall to one of the class rooms. He operated out of there for a couple of years, then gradually moved to the basement of the high school. There he built a one-room office with stores and training. During 1975 girls were back into the Cadet movement. In the fall of '75 Gordon Redman took the Command. In his four years of Commanding Officer he added four extra Offices, which we operate out of at present. In 1980 the Command was handed over to John Smith. He served his three years and passed it onto Capt. Ethel McLeod in 1983.


flocked shoulder flash ca.1943

1950 pattern shoulder flash worn into the early 1980s

2nd pattern shoulder flash ca.1970s

3rd pattern shoulder flash ca.1980s