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#1789 Cadet Corps

Name -      Agassiz Schools Cadet Corps (1941)

Agassiz Royal Westminster Regiment Cadet Corps (2003)

Location      Agassiz, BC

Formed  February 28, 1941      Disbanded  April 8, 1943   

Reformed  September 1, 2003      Disbanded  Active  

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Capt Vernon Genialle, CD (2000-02) Biography


Capt Penny Colman (2003) Biography

Capt Brian Erickson (2003-06) Biography


Major Lorne Pleasants (2006-10) Biography


Captain Cameron Hull (2010-)


Senior Cadets











 C/MWO Taylor-Rae Zantovsky (2011)


Corps Flag


Corps Home


Seabird Island School

Agassiz Agricultural and Horticultural Association Hall (2004)

Legion Branch 32

possible flocked shoulder flash WWII

History -   

The corps was formed in 2000 as a satellite of 1725 RCE Cadet corps in Chilliwack before forming as 1789 in 2003.

Agassiz RCE Cadet Corps


History of 1789 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.

In 1941 the War to end all Wars was raging in Europe, and in patriotic
fervor, army cadet corps were springing up in very small town across
Canada. Agassiz, B.C. was no exception. On February 28, 1941 the Agassiz
Schools Cadet Corps was formed and existed independently until April 8,
1943, when it was absorbed into the then 1725 Chilliwack Junior-Senior
High School Cadet Corps. 
1725 Chilliwack Junior-Senior High School Cadet Corps was formed 27
November 1940 and was affiliated with the Westminster Regt (M) as of Dec
30, 1946. When the affiliation was authorized with the Westminster
Regiment (M) and the Corps became known as 1725 Westminster Regiment (M)
Cadet Corps.

This corps was to serve the Upper Fraser Valley for many years, including
the area of Agassiz.

In 1950 the Corps was reactivated under a new affiliation with The
Westminster Regiment (Motor) RCIC and became known as 1725 Westminster R
(M) (Chwk Coy) Cadet Corps. On January 1, 1960 the sponsorship was
transferred to the RCSME and the Corps was designated as 1725 Royal
Canadian Engineers Cadet Corps and affiliated with Royal Canadian School
of Military Engineering at CFB Chilliwack. Effective 15 Jan 1998 the
affiliated unit changed from the Canadian Forces School of Military
Engineering to 6th Field Engineer Squadron.

In 2000 Capt Vernon Myles Genaille assisted with the formation of a
Seabird Island Cadet Corps (Agassiz) satellite to 1725 Canadian Military
Engineers RCACC. Vernon was a former Field Engineer who undertook his
Recruit Training in 1970 and was posted to 3 Field Squadron in 1971 upon
completion of his Field Engineer basic training. A tour in 4 Combat
Engineer Regiment followed and Vernon remustered to Administrative Clerk
in the 1980s and later instructed as a Sergeant in CFB Borden. After 20
years of service, he left the Canadian Forces for a career in the RCMP.
He volunteered with 1725 CME RCACC and re-enrolled in the Canadian Forces
Cadet Instructor Cadre. Captain Genaille become the Officer Commanding
the Agassiz army cadets in 2000.

Cst. Genaille was the recipient of the RCMP's Commissioner's Commendation
Awards for Bravery. On December 22, 2002, Constable Genaille died of
natural causes while responding to a call. His memory is honoured with
the annual award of the Captain Vernon Myles Genaille Leadership Award at
the 1789 RWestR RCACC Annual Ceremonial Review to the cadet best
exhibiting the characteristics of a principled leader.

Captain Penny Coleman assumed command in Agassiz and on September 1, 2003
the Agassiz army cadet corps revived the 1789 Agassiz Schools Cadet Corps
and became affiliated with the Royal Westminster Regiment, becoming 1789
The Royal Westminster Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Agassiz.
The corps paraded at the Seabird Island Community School and is sponsored
by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 32 (Agassiz), and also generously
supported by the Agassiz Harrison Lions Club and the Agassiz Elks # 311.

Captain Brian Erickson assumed command of 1789 in 2003, and the corps made
the move to the Agassiz Agricultural and Horticultural Association Hall in
2004. Major Lorne Pleasants replaced Captain Erickson in 2006 and was
instrumental in the continued growth of the corps and the dedication of
the corps flag.

Major Pleasants relinquished command to Captain Cameron Hull in 2010. In
2011 the corps returned to parade again at Seabird Island in the Community

On April 18, 2011 a satellite corps to 1789 was established in Hope, B.C.
and became known as Bravo Company with the Agassiz cadets being referred
to as Alpha Company. Bravo Company parades Monday nights at the Royal
Canadian Legion Branch 288 (Hope) and Alpha Company continues to parade at
the Seabird Island Community Centre Hall on Tuesday nights.

The cadet corps is actively involved in community events including the
Canada Day celebrations in Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs, the Agassiz
Fall Fair, Legion Open House, the annual Kristy Hatt Memorial Swim Meet,
the Lions Mothers' Day Pancake Brunch, and much, much more.

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