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#18 Cadet Corps

Name - Guelph Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps 

Location  Guelph, ON

Formed  Oct 22, 1886               Disbanded  November 9, 1933
B Coy      July 3, 1916                                       unknown

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Capt Walter Clarke (ret'd Royal Artillery) (1886)


unknown (1887-1933)




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History -  

In 1882 (officially, in 1884) a cadet corps known as The Highland Cadets was raised at the Guelph Grammar School by Captain Walter Clarke, RA, a Crimea veteran who was demobilized in Canada after colonial service and hired as a PTI at the Guelph Grammar School. This unit was later serialized as Cadet Corps #18. Although Army Cadet training for girls was not authorized until 30 July 1975, in 1884 Captain Clarke also formed a locally sponsored girls’ corps known as The Daughters of the Regiment.  Along with the Canadian Militia, the Army Cadet program also fell on hard times in the 1930s, and The Highland Cadets, along with many other corps, was disbanded.

Wellington Regt? H.Q. 12-20-1


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