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#1999 Cadet Corps

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Name -                         St. Thomas College Cadet Corps 

Location                      Battleford (North), SK

Formed                        October 28, 1943        Disbanded                 June 30, 1960

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

  Capt RE.L. Lequiea (1951-52) Biography  
 Capt. Ben Hermann (1952-60) Biography  

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History -   

Formed 28 October 1943 (CAO Supp 493\43) and affiliated with The Battleford Light Infantry (16/22 Saskatchewan Horse). Affiliation was changed with the re designation of the affiliated unit to The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers effective 26 December 1947; and to lst Battalion, The North Saskatchewan Regiment (PA&BV) effective 1 March 1955. The Corps was disbanded effective 30 June 1960 (CAO Supp 684/60). affil.: Prince Albert & Battleford Volunteers, Dec 26, 1947. affil.: 1st Bn North Sask Regt (PA&B Volunteers), Mar 1, 1955. Winner of The Sword of the Late Admiral of the Fleet - Earl Jelicoe (Shooting) for 1951.H.Q. 12-S-407  

 Possible flocked shoulder flash during WWII                         


St. Thomas College in the 50's, the student body was approximately 150 students, in which case, there were also approximately 150 cadets.  It was a compulsory activity at the College. 

C/Lt. Col. Robert M. Barker, note the tan khaki beret and blood oxfords, ca.1956 (Bob Barker)


C/Lt. Col. Robert M. Barker. The corps wore the newly created North Saskatchewan Regiment 1 shoulder flash and continued to wear the The Prince Albert and Battleford Volunteers hat badge (Bob Barker)


The Barker brothers - C/Capt Robert Barker (left), C/Lt.Col. J. Edward (Ed, or as he was known then, Bud) C/CSM Gerald (Gerry) F. Barker (right) ca.1955 (Bob Barker)