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#2041 Cadet Corps

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Name -                         Embrun High School Cadet Corps 

Location                     Embrun, ON

Formed                       February 24, 1944         Disbanded                 November 12, 1971

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 Embrun High School


 Possible flocked shoulder flash 

1950s pattern shoulder flash

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History -   

Affliliated: 2nd (R) Bn Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (MG), Jun 12, 1944. Originally formed in Feb 1944 under the sponsorship of the Embrun High School Board the corps was affiliated with Le Regiment de Hull. affil.: Le Regt de Hull, Dec 19, 1951 In 1971 the Embrun High School was placed under the jurisdiction of the Prescott Russell Board of Education which recommended that 2041 CC be disbanded. This took effect on 12 Nov 1971. H.Q. 12-E-85

 Possible flocked shoulder flash