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#2112 Cadet Corps

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Name -                             Qu'Appelle Students Cadet Corps 

Location                         Lebret, SK

Formed                           November 25, 1944       Disbanded                   May 1, 1975

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Formed 25 November 1944 (CAO 512/44) and affiliated effective 20 May 1942 with 22 Field Regiment RCA. The reduction of 22 Field Regiment to Battery strength saw the Corps affiliated with 65 Medium Battery RCA effective 1 January 1955 and 65 Field Battery on 1 September 1956. In 1959 affiliation was changed to Regina Rifle Regiment and in 1968 to Regina Service Battalion. The Corps was re designated in December 1970 as #2112 Qu'Appelle Student Residence Cadet Corps and was disbanded on 1 May 1975. This Corps was formed 25 Nov 1944 under the sponsorship fo the Indian Residential School Board and became known as the 'Hugonard Cadet Corps'. In May 1948 authority was granted to affiliate with 22nd Field Regiment RCA. In Aug 1956, affiliation was changed to 65th field Battery. On request from the sponsor the corps became affiliated with the reginal Rifle Regiment in 1959. Then in 1968 they affiliated with the Regina Service Battalion. In December 1970 the corps was redesignated as the Qu'Appelle Student Residence Cadet Corps. H.Q. 12-H-78

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