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#2323 Cadet Corps

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Name -            Swift Current Legion (14th Canadian Hussars) Cadet Corps 

Location         Swift Current, SK 

Formed           October 29, 1948       Disbanded        May 1, 1995 

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

  Capt Hrycyna (1960s) Biography
Capt Greg A. Evans (1986-87) Biography  
Lt Deb Howlett (1987-89) Biography  
Capt David A.R. Kenney (Sep 1989-Dec 1991) Biography
Capt Deb Howlett (Dec 1991-Oct 1992) Biography  
 Capt D.A.R. Kenney, CD (Oct 1992-June 1993) Biography
Capt Pete Klassen (1993-May 1995) Biography  

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History -   

This Corps was formed effective 19 March 1949 (CAO Supp 141/49). It was designated #2323 8th Armoured Car Regiment Cadet Corps. Re designations of the Corps were authorized to coincide with those of the affiliated unit. The Corps was re designated #2323 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Car Regiment) Cadet Corps on 13 December 1949; #2323 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Regiment) Cadet Corps 30 July 1954; and 14th Canadian Hussars Cadet Corps 19 May 1958. With the disbandment of the affiliated unit, the Corps was re designated #2323 Swift Current Legion (14th Canadian Hussars) Cadet Corps effective 25 March 1969. The Corps is sponsored by Branch 56 Royal Canadian Legion and has been affiliated with The Saskatchewan Dragoons since 1 April 1969. This Corps was formed 29 Oct 1948 and designated 8th Armoured Car Regiment Cadet Corps, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. It was affiliated with and sponsored by Armoured Car Regiment (14th Canadian Hussars) RCA. affil.: 8th Armd Car Regt (14th Cdn Hussars), Oct 1948. Effective 13 Dec 49 it was redesignated 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Car Regt) CC. Effective 1 Jan 1955 designation was changed to 14th Canadian Hussars (8th Armoured Regt) CC. affil.: 14th Cdn Hussars, Jan 1, 1955. Effective 19 May 1958 affiliation changed to 14th Cdn Hussars and the Corps was redesignated 14th Cdn Hussars Cadet Corps. Effective 25 Mar 1969, the Corps changed sponsor to 56 Royal Canadian Legion, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Affiliation was changed to Saskatchewan Dragoons; and designation became Swift Current Legion (14th Canadian Hussars) Cadet Corps. Corps placed on probation until 31 Oct 79 and later extended until after the 1980 annual inspection at which time probation was lifted. Placed on probation 28 Nov 1985 until 11 Jun 1986. Removed from probation 12 May 1986. Eff 1 May 1995 corps was disbanded.