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#2334 Cadet Corps

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Name -            St. Victor Cadet Corps    

Location        St-Victor (Beauceville), QC

Formed       September 1, 1948     Disbanded         December 31, 1972

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Originally formed 1 Sep 1948 the Corps was designated as 2334 C de C Juvénat du Sacré-Coeur and was affiliated with Le Régiment de la chaudiere. affil.: Le Regt de la Chaudiere, Dec 7, 1948. In Dec 1971due to the closing of the Juvenat in Beauceville the Corps was relocated in St Victor and the Corps was desiganted as 2334 C de C st Victor. In Dec 1972 a request was made by the sponsor to disband the Corps due to a lack of interest on the part of the students and the financial difficulties encountered. Authority was granted to disband the Corps effective 31 Dec 1972.