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#2335 Cadet Corps

Name -        8th Canadian Hussars Cadet Corps

Location    Port Elgin, NB

Formed   December 17, 1948      Disbanded      Active   

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 



Capt G.E. Bennett (1949-55) Biography


Capt A.C. Collings (1957-60) Biography




Chief Inst D.J. Hicks (1964-) Biography




Captain Colin Penley (-2003) Biography


Captain Barb Butler (2004-) Biography


Senior Cadets











C/ CWO Grant Palmeter (2007)


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History -   

 This Corps was formed 17 Dec 1948. Its designation was 2335 Memorial School Cadet Corps under sponsorship with the Board of School Trustees, Port Elgin. affil.: 8th Princess Louise's ( New Brunswick) Hussars, - Jan 31, 1957. It affiliated with the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) Militia in Moncton. affil.: 2/8 Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's) Feb 1, 1957
On 10 Jun 60 the Corps changed sponsor to the Rotary Club of Port Elgin. Effective 18 Dec 80 change of sponsor to Port Elgin Village Council.
 The corps numbers increased considerably and corps administration improved (ARHQ: 1085-11-1).

Cape Tormentine Legion 81 is listed as co-sponsor since 89. No authorization.

possible flocked shoulder flash WWII