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#2342 Cadet Corps

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Name -            Beaverlodge (Loyal Edmonton Regiment) Cadet Corps   

Location        Beaverlodge, AB

Formed        March 5, 1949     Disbanded         July 1, 1972

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

  Capt R.R. Hume (1958)  
Capt A.Esdale Gaudin (1963-68)  
Lt F.J. Hansen (1969-70  

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Corps Home

Community Centre (1960s)


History -   

Formed 5 Mar 1949 as No. 2342 Loyal Edmonton Regt (Beaverlodge det) Cadet Corps. On 7 Dec 1949 authority was granted to redesignate corps to Beaverlodge (Loyal Edmonton Regiment) Cadet Corps. affil.: Loyal Edmonton Regt, Mar 5, 1949. The corps was disbanded 01 Jul 1972.



large jacket patch approx 9" wide, ca.1950s