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#2351 Cadet Corps

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Name -            Banff (19th Medium Regiment RCA) Cadet Corps    

Location        Banff, AB

Formed         June 19, 1952     Disbanded         January 1, 1964

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The armoury existed until approx the mid 1960s. 

Today, the former armoury location is now a hotel catering to the tourist trade and a Husky gas station. Interestingly, Marmot cres now cuts through what used to be the property. April 2006 (F.Arseneault)


History -   

affil.: 108th Anti-Tank Bty (SP) RCA, Jun 19, 1952. redisig: Banff 108th Anti-Tank Bty (SP) Cadet Corps, Jun 19, 1952. affil.: 19th Med Regt RCA, Jan 1 ,1955. redisig: Banff (19th Medium Regt RCA) Cadet Corps, Feb 27, 1956. Winner of R.B. Bennet Trophy, most efficient corps in Alberta 1958.