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Name -            Grenfell (53rd Field Regiment RCA) Cadet Corps   

Location        Grenfell, SK

Formed       July 20, 1949      Disbanded         December 31, 1957

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This Corps was formed 20 July 1949 (CAO Supp 157/49) and affiliated with 22nd Field Regiment RCA. The re organization of the Militia saw the affiliated unit change to 65 Field Battery RCA effective 1 January 1955. The Corps was disbanded on 3l December 1957 (CAO Supp 544/58). affil.: 22nd Field Regt RCA, July 20, 1949. affil.: 65th Med Bty RCA, Jan 1, 1955. redisig: 65th Med Bty A Troop RCA Cadet Corps, Jan 1, 1955. affil.: 53rd Field Regt RCA, Nov 1, 1956