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#2393 Cadet Corps

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Name -            Corps de Cadets 713 Escadron de Transmission    

Location        Beauport, QCOctober 30, 1950 

Formed            Disbanded        December 31, 1975

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Formed 30 Oct 1950, designated Corps de Cadet Regiment de Québec, Beauport QC. It was affiliated with Le Regiment de Québec (Mitrailleuses) RCIC. Eff 1 Jan 55 Corps redesignated Corps de Cadets Les Voltigeurs de Québec (Mitrailleuses). affil.: Les Voltigeurs de Quebec, Jan 1, 1955. Eff 16 Oct 1961 Corps redesignated Corps de cadets 4e Compagnie de la Prevote - and reaffiliated with No. 4 Provoste Co. affil.: No.4 Provost Company, Oct 16, 1961. Eff Nov 65 designation changed to Corps de Cadets 82e Batterie d'artillerie de campagne and became affiliated with 82nd Fd Bty, eff 6 May 1965