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#2429 Cadet Corps

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Name -                       Brother Rice High School Cadet Corps 

Location                   St.John's, NF

Formed                     March 17, 1952          Disbanded                March 1, 1978 

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

   Chief Inst G.B. Malone (1952-54) Biography  
 Lt K. Tracey (1955) Biography  
 2Lt G.B. Malone (1957) Biography  

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History -   

Corps was formed 17 Mar 1952 under sponsorship of St Patrick's Hall School and was known as St Patrick's Hall Cadet Corps. The Corps became affiliated with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in 1952. affil.: Royal Newfoundland Regt, Mar 17, 1952. Prior to 1962 Corps became dormant at which time a request was made to re-activate the Corps under the new sponsor. 'Brother Rice High School' and the Corps became known as 'Brother Rice High School Cadet Corps' in Sep 1963. In Jan 1964 the corps became affiliated with 56 Fd Sqn and in Jan 1973 authority was granted to change the affiliation to 727 Communications Sqn.   

Annual Inspection 1954 film footage (2:00 min) Windows Media file (note - this file will take approx 4 minutes to download on high speed server)