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Name -                       Hobbema Cadet Corps

Location                   Hobbema, AB  

Formed                     October 14, 1952           Disbanded                October 22, 1968

Reformed                 March 3, 1975                Disbanded                December 31, 1975

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Lt D.D. Kwasney (1963-64) Biography  

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Old Church on grounds (1960s)


History -   

Hobbema Indian Cadet Corps   

Corps originally formed 14 Oct 1952 and designated Hobbema Indian Cadet Corps. Sponsored by the Catholic Indian League of canada Hobbema Local and affiliated with the 19th Alberta Dragoons. affil.: 19th Alberta Armoured Car Regt, Oct 14, 1952. affil.: 19th Alberta Dragoons, Jan 1, 1955. Corps was disbanded 22 Oct 1968. Eff 3 Mar 1975 the corps reactivated. The corps was disbanded 31 Dec 1975.