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#2470 Cadet Corps

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Name -         Corps de Cadets Granby

Location     Granby, QC

Formed     March 1, 1953     Disbanded      Active 

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History -   

Corps formed 1 Mar 53 and designated Granby High School Cadet Corps. Affiliation was with 24th Light Anti-Aircraft Bty, RCA. affil.: 24th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery RCA, Mar 1, 1953. Effective 1 Jan 55 this Corps re-affiliated with 61st Light Anti-Aircraft Regt and effective 1 Jun 59 Corps changed affiliation and sponsor to 27th Fd Regt. Message 1087-11-5717 dated 17 Apr 70 changed sponsor to La Commission des Ecoles Catholiques de Granby and affiliation to 6 R22eR. A message 25 Oct 72 states that 2470 was an open Corps. Effective 1 Dec 77 change of affiliation to 51e Bataillon des Services du Canada (M). Effective 15 Nov 95 affiliation changed to 2E Regt d'Artillerie de Campagne RCA Montreal and designation changed to 2470 Corps de Cadets Granby (D Cdts Adm 730 refers).

Letter of 12 October 99 from R. Laprise, The Army Cadet League of Canada (Québec), states that Québec Branch is the sponsor (interim) until another organization undertakes this responsibility.

Effective 10 Jan 2000, sponsor changed to read, Club Aramis Granby Inc.

possible flocked shoulder flash

silk screened patch ca.1970s