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#2482 Cadet Corps

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Name -         Corps de Cadets Samuel de Champlain

Location     Beauport, QC

Formed    September 1, 1953       Disbanded     Active  

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This Corps was formed 1 Sep 53 and designated Robert Giffard Cadet Corps and affiliated with Les Voltigeurs de Quebec (Mit). affil.: Le Regt de Quebec (Mitrailleures). affil.: Le Voltigeurs de Quebec, Jan 1, 1955. Effective 1 Nov 56 the Corps reaffiliated with No. 2 Column RCASC. On 1 Jan 64 the Corps redesignated Corps de Cadets Samuel de Champlain. Effective 4 Nov 65 affiliated with No. 120 Coy, RCASC. Eff 25 Sep 95 affiliation changed to 5 Cdn Svc Bn (D Cdts Adm 646 refers). Application for a change of sponsor gives sponsorship to Monsieur Jean-Eudes Bourque (98).
D Cdts msg : 278 271912Z JUN 00 authorizes sponsor change to Mme Lise Paradis, eff. 31 May 2000.