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#2486 Cadet Corps

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Name -         Corps de Cadets Quebec/Optimiste Ste-Foy

Location     Québec, QC

Formed     September 1, 1953     Disbanded    Active   

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Maj Pierre Bibeau (1969-77) Biography

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History -   

 This Corps was formed 1 Sep 53 and designated Corps de Cadets des Unites Medicales de Quebec; it was affiliated with 18th Field Ambulance RCA Medical Corps. Effective 1 Jan 55 reaffiliated with No. 7 Med CO. Effective 1 Jan 58 the Corps was redesignated C de C 58e batterie d'Artillerie and became affiliated with 58th Field Bty. Effective 16 Dec 60 the Corps changed designation again to C de C 6e Regt d'Artillerie de Campagne and became affiliated with 6th Fd Arty Regt. Effective 13 Dec 72 it became known as Corps de Cadets 6e Regt d'Artillerie de Campagne (Optimiste Ste Foy) Quebec, P.Q. Effective 1 Jun 76 change of affiliation to Voltigeurs de Quebec. Effective 19 Apr 77 change of designation to 2486 Optimiste Ste-Foy Cadet Corps. Effective 31 March 1998, change of designation to 2486 Corps de Cadets Quebec/Optimiste Ste-Foy.