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#2499 Cadet Corps

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Name -                Atikokan Cadet Corps 

Location              Atikokan, ON

Formed              October 15, 1953                 Disbanded          July 1, 1972      

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This Corps was formed 15 Oct 1953 as a school corps under the sponsorship of The Atikokan Continuation school and affiliation with the Lake Superior (Scottish) Regiment. affil.: Lake Superior Scottish Regt, May 6, 1954. In 1954 authority was granted to redesignate the corps as No. 2499 Atikokan High School Cadet Corps. In Nov 1955 the Corps was disbanded but was reformed in December under a new sponsor "The Atkikoan Recreation Committee". redisig: Aitkokan Cadet Corps, Dec 19, 1955. The Corps kept the same designation and affiliation. Sometime between this period and 1964 sponsorship was assumed by the Lake Superiour (Scottish) Regiment (no record of this change). Then in 1964 sponsorship was assumed by the Royal Canadian Legion (Atikokn Branch). The Corps disbanded 01 Jul 1972.