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#2541 Cadet Corps

Name -            Chief Crowfoot Cadet Corps    

Location        Cluny, AB

Formed          September 1, 1954    Disbanded       September 1, 1958

Reformed      December 1, 1962     Disbanded        November 30, 1967

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Capt Syd Moore (1958) Biography  
Chief Inst David Bull Bear (1963-64) Biography  

Corps Flag


Corps Home

Crowfoot Residential School Gym (1960s)


History -   

 affil.: SALH, Sept 28, 1954. Cadet corps paraded a platoon of female cadets as early as 1952, uniform: battle dress tunic, knee length plaid skirt, older style wedge with red peak. 

affil.: KOCR Dec 1, 1962

Film Footage of 1955 Annual inspection (2 min) Inspection, march past, Mills Grenade lecture, Bren Gun demo, radios