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#2550 Cadet Corps

Name -         McAdam Composite High School Cadet Corps

 Cherry Mountain Armoured Cadet Corps (1984)

Location     Harvey Station/McAdam, NB

Formed    January 24, 1955      Disbanded       January 8, 1960  

Reformed    May 1, 1984      Disbanded      Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

2Lt John Budden (1955-57) Biography


Capt B.M. Pelkey (1957 - 08 Jan 1960)  Biography (photo)



Lt A. (Red) Hayes, CD (1 May 1984 - 2 Apr 1985) Biography


Capt Len Nichols (2 Apr 1985 - 30 May 1990) Biography


Capt Patsy Armstrong (30 May 1990 -16 Jul 1992) Biography


Capt Len Nichols (16 Jul 1992 - 4 Apr 1995) Biography


Capt Ed LeBlanc (4 Apr 1995 -25 May 1999) Biography


Capt Danielle Corkum (25 May 1999 -12 Jun 2000) Biography


Maj Richard Carr (12 Jan 2000 - 24 Sep 2003) Biography


Capt Charlotte Carr (24 Sep 2003 - 8 Dec 2004) Biography


Capt Ray Montgomery (08 Dec 2004 - to date) Biography






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History -   


2550 Cherry Mountain Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps was established on 1 May 1984 under the command of Lt A. (Red) Hayes, CD and instructors from the Armoured School at CFB Gagetown.

The first year saw 47 cadets recruited and allowed the unit to be divided into 2 Squadrons. “A” Squadron was located in Harvey while “B” Squadron was in McAdam. Capt Len Nichols was the Training Officer and both Squadrons training upstairs on the Harvey Recreation Centre as it is to the present day.

As of 1991, the Unit had 24 cadets from the local Harvey area and those traveling from McAdam and as far away as Nackawic. Transportation is made available to the McAdam cadets through the Village of McAdam. The thought was that if the number increased to 15 cadets from the McAdam area the McAdam Legion Hall would be used for additional training night. The rational for the additional training night is that it would increase interest as well involvement. Presently, due to the distance, Parents from McAdam have expressed concern that the young cadets leaving home at 5:30 to and then return home past 10:00 is somewhat of a deterrent.

The training night began on Tuesday but later switched to Wednesday. Training began at 1845 to 2115hrs. It consisted of 3 periods of instruction with a break between the second and third period. The Unit follows the Star Level Training; Gold, Silver, Red and Green. Gold Star cadets focus on preparing themselves, with the assistance of the Officer in charge of the Gold Star program, for the National Star Certification Exam (NSCE).

Green and Red Star cadets are taught introductory training in Drill, Bushcraft, Map and Compass, and History of the Army Cadet Program. They are taught by the Gold Star Cadets under the supervision of a Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) Officer. The Silver Star Cadets are encouraged to teach themselves with supervision and to focus on the Principles of Instruction as taught to them by their supervising CIC Officer and other staff. The process is a reciprocating process requiring a good knowledge of a previous level before graduating to the next star level.

The affiliated unit is the armoured School from CFB Gagetown and provides support through equipment use such as Camping equipment and also providing us with instructors from the school. The affiliated not only helps on regular training nights, but also attends trips, bushcraft outings, and other citizenship activities organized for the cadets.

The Sponsors for 2550 Cherry Mountain RCACC are the Harvey Lions Club, the McAdam Lions Club and the McAdam Legion. The sponsors provide financial assistance ad well as support for activities.

During the training year the cadets are involved in a number of activities from field exercises, fundraisers, marksmanship training and rock climbing and abseiling.
The first field exercise is designed to introduce the new or Green Star cadets to activities in the field. The goal is to have them get familiar with a camp routine; learn responsibilities while in the field and general survival activities.

Once the snow is on the ground and the chill is in the air we take the cadets out into the filed again for the Winter Indoctrination Exercise. The goal of this activity is to build on previous knowledge and help prepare the cadets for the winter climate and give them the skills and knowledge should they find themselves lost.

The third field exercise is designed to test the cadets on their knowledge and skills learned over the fall and winter. The cadets are tested on map and compass use, field movements and leadership.

On Sunday during the training year the cadets work on their marksmanship skills. They take target practice using the Air Rifle. Our range is located downstairs in the Harvey Lions Club. The cadets are given the opportunity to progress in the marksmanship program and possibly attend summer camps specifically for marksmanship. Those cadets who excel within the marksmanship program may also travel nationally and internationally to compete.

Fundraising activities which the Unit had been involved with since the beginning are tag days, bake sales, grocery packing, Christmas basket sales and something they used to do when they first started was to serve a hot roast beef dinner. Each Unit is given a few dollars to operate throughout the training year, but in order to take part in activities such dinner and a movie or trips to Halifax, some fundraising must be done.

The local communities are more then happy to contribute to an organization which promotes good leadership and citizenship such as the cadet program. If it was not for the members of the communities most programs would not survive.

The cadets at 2550 Cherry Mountain RCACC not only fundraise for the Unit, but also for the community. This is where we give back for what we are receiving. In 1990 and 91 the Unit was involved with fundraising for the “Seeing Eye Dog Association.” The cadets took part in the bed wheeling from Harvey to McAdam; the Mayor of Harvey was perched on the bed for the trip which was approximately 35 Kilometers. When the cadets arrived back to the Harvey Recreation Centre they were treated to a well deserved lunch with hot chocolate.

Activities such as the Bed Wheeling not only promotes the cadet program and the training they are involved in, but also gives the cadets a sense of pride and accomplishment as a important member of the fundraising activity. During the second year of the cadet involvement in the activity they collectively raised $800 for the “Seeing Eye Dog Association.”

As part as further community involvement and working with the affiliated unit, we have had the opportunity to take part in the Family Fun Days held at the Armoured School at GFB Gagetown. The cadets and staff were treated as part of the Armoured School family and took part in activities such as tank rides, throwing dummy grenades and viewing a number of the military vehicles used by the Armoured School.

As an added treat, we have visited 403 Helicopter Squadron. Taking part in tours of the actual helicopters and training areas and having the opportunity to fly in the simulator. We have a close relationship with 403 Sqn through the McAdam Legion as 403 Sqn parades each year during Remembrance Day activities in McAdam. We also attend this parade to show our appreciation to the Legion and to the Veterans and to those who have passed on. We take pride in carrying the torch for those who can’t any longer.


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