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#2581 Cadet Corps

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Name -           Milestone Legion Cadet Corps   

Location       Milestone, SK

Formed     September 1, 1956    Disbanded       April 12, 1983

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 Capt J. Thomas (1973-77) Biography








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 Formed effective 1 September 1956 (CAO Supp 519/56) and affiliated with The South Saskatchewan Regiment. Affiliation was changed to The Regina Rifle Regiment effective 9 October 1958. The Corps was disbanded 12 April 1983. This unit was formed 1 Sep 1956, designated 2581 Milestone Cadet Corps. It was sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Milestone branch and affiliated with South Sask Regt. affil.: South Sask Regt. Sept 1, 1956. Eff 9 Oct 1958 it affiliated with the Regina Regiment (CA) M. 1975 annual inspection report shows the corps was placed on probation until 1 Feb 1976. 1980 annual inspection report the Corps was again on probation. Eff 10 Jul 1982 the Regina Rifles Regiment became known as the Royal Regina Rifles. Eff 12 Apr 1983 the Corps disbanded.