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#2649 Cadet Corps / Corps de Cadets

Name -        Corps de Cadets de Salaberry 4 Battalion Royal 22e Régiment 

Location     Montreal, QC

Formed     December 1, 1959     Disbanded       Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 





Captain Anne-Marie Richard (2008) Biography




Senior Cadets













Corps Flag


Corps Home

(Steve Prud'Homme)

4 R22R armoury, 2100 boulevard du Carrefour Laval, Québec



History -   

This Corps was formed 1 Dec 59 as Corps de Cadets Ecole Secondaire Philippe Perrier. affil.: Le Regt de Maisonneuve, Dec 1, 1959. It was affiliated with Regiment du Maisonneuve. Effective 20 Sep 65 it reaffiliated with Les Fusiliers Mont Royal. Effective 1 Apr 67 it changed designation to Corps de Cadets de Salaberry, and again, effective 8 Nov 72 changed designation to C de C Salaberry 4 R22eR. No documentation of change of sponsor and affiliation. Message Unclas Cdts 2034 dated 22 Mar 84 placed Corps on probation until Dec 84. Message Unclas Cdts 1000 dated 21 Jan 85 removed Corps from probation. Message Cdts 2047 from RCSE Saint Jean removes the corps from probation as of 15 May 1997.