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#2833 Cadet Corps

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Name -            Oxford Cadet Corps

Location         Woodstock, ON

Formed    October 24, 1968     Disbanded    Active  

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

 Maj W.G. Mates (1968-72) Biography


 Capt R. Findlater (1972-75) Biography


 Maj W.G. Mates (1975-76) Biography


 Capt R. Findlater (1976-77) Biography


 Capt J. Findlater (1977-79) Biography


 Capt R. Webster (1979-80) Biography


 Capt M.E. Batchelor (1980-1983) Biography


 Capt W.W. Green (1983-87) Biography


Capt M.E. Batchelor (1987-91) Biography


 Capt W.W. Green (1991-97) Biography

 Capt B.L. Veenstra (1997-97) Biography


 Capt W.W. Green (1997-2000) Biography


 Capt. Dan A. Arbuckle (2000-05) Biography

 Capt M.A. Lafontaine (2005-present) Biography

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 C/CWO Cliché (2006-)


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History -   

 This Corps was formed 24 Oct 1968 designated, sponsored by and affiliated with A Coy, 4 RCR. Effective 9 Mar 1972 the corps was re-designated as the Oxford Cadet Corps, RCAC. 
It is sponsored by Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 55, Woodstock 

We are able to trace our origins back to 1898 when a Cadet Corps was formed at Woodstock Collegiate Institute. In 1967 the Corps left the school and was disbanded.

The Cadet Corps was reformed in 1968 under the title 2833 (A Coy 3RCR) Cadet Corps. At that time training was conducted at the armories in Woodstock. In 1972 the title was changed to 2833 Oxford Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps. In 1974, Branch 55 The Royal Canadian Legion, became the official sponsor of the Corps and we have paraded at the Legion ever since.

The Legion has provided us with a place to train, a location for our offices and stores, including a new sea container for storage, and financial support. In addition to these items we have always received outstanding moral support from the executive and the members of the Branch.

We are affiliated with The Royal Canadian Regiment through the 4th Battalion. Because of this affiliation, the cadets are allowed to wear the RCR cap badge and shoulder titles. We are fortunate in that from time to time, members of the Regiment have enthusiastically assisted us with their instruction and expertise.

submitted by OCdt Melissa Calcagno

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