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Name -           Dunne Memorial Army Cadet Corps     

Location        St-Mary's, NF 

Formed         March 24, 1970   Disbanded      Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

 Capt M. Breen (1970) Biography  
Capt W. Breen (1970-85) Biography  
 Capt M. White (1985-89) Biography  
Capt H. White (1990-93) Biography  
Maj. P. Fagan (1993-99) Biography  
Capt J.F Mahoney (1999-2002) Biography  
Lt Donna Gibbons (Oct 2002 - June 03) Biography  
Capt Dawn Baldwin (Sept 2003 - June 2004)  Biography
Capt James Mahoney (June 2004 -) Biography  

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History -   

 The Corps was formed in Mar 70 under the dual sponsorship of the St. Mary's Holy Name Society and the Dunne Memorial School. The Corps was designated as No. 2863 Dunne Memorial Army Cadet Corps. The Corps is affiliated with the Newfoundland Regiment.


Army cadets have been a part of the community of St. Mary's and the surrounding areas of Path End, Point La Haye North, Gaskiers/Point La Haye, Riverhead and Mall Bay for over thirty Years. With the amalgamation of St. Ann 's and Dunne Memorial, young people from the communities of St. Stephen's, St. Vincent 's, and Peters River were recruited. However, the name Dunne Memorial remained as a tribute to the former parish priest--the late Rev. James Dunne.


The community of St. Mary's was first settled in the early 1600's. Up to the summer of 1992, fishing was the mainstay of the community and surrounding areas.

 The community of St. , Mary's that has a population of approximately 640 people, was incorporated in 1966 and is overseen by the Community Council. Basically, St. Mary's is a service center for the surrounding communities of Riverhead, Mall Bay, and Gaskiers/Point La Haye with the local Post Office, two general stores, two convenience stores, one superette, liquor store, Sears Outlet, hair salons, church, all grade school and last, but not least, 2863 Dunne Memorial Army Cadet Corp.


Under the direction of the parish priest, Rev. James Doody, the principal of the school, Sister Margaret Carter, and other community-- minded citizens such as Tom Neville, Mike Breen, And William Breen, the creation of an Army Cadet Corps in St. Mary's became a reality.

 The first Parade was held in March in 1970, at Dunne Academy gymnasium. The corps flag party was formed under the direction of the late Mr. Fabian Meaney, an ex-member of the Canadian Armed Forces who had served in the Korean Conflict.

The sponsorship of the Holy Name Society for the past 36 years has been a pivotal factor in the growth and success of this Corps. Also deserving special mention are the principals and staff of Dunne Academy for the provision of training space and their encouragement over the years.

In 1985, under the direction of CO M. White 2863 RCACC established it's four-piece band. Through various fund-raising and the sponsor's financial support the corps now parades a 25-piece band and all of the provincial/territorial flags. Since its inception, 2863 Dunne Memorial RCACC has been affiliated with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. To this day the Royal Newfoundland Regiment continues to supply the corps with hat badges and shoulder flashes for the cadets uniforms.

During the period March 1970 to Jan 2006, over 1550 cadets and 30 officers have been enrolled with the corps. Over the years, over 30 ex-cadets have chosen a career with the Canadian Armed Forces. The corps strength numbers 50 as of December 2005 and parades approximately 45 on regular cadet nights. To its credit 2863 has had a number of cadets achieving National Star status with the present number being 40 qualified NSCE cadets. 2863 Dunne Memorial is very proud of the achievements of the cadet corps. As well, three former cadets of this corps have served as commanding officers.

Through the years a large number of 2863 cadets have attended summer training courses such as Basic Cadet, Cadet Leader, Cadet Leader Instructor--Drill & Ceremonial, Band, Rifle, Adventure, and Quartermaster at Argonaut ACSTC New Brunswick. Several cadets have attended Out-of-Region in Banff Alberta, and Whitehorse Yukon, also a number of cadet have gone overseas on exchanges such as Germany, Scotland, and Wales. Many of the cadets worked in various positions at summer camp as staff cadets and some of the corps' CIC officers were also employed as well.



-1970 A/Capt. M. Breen

1970-1985 A/Capt. W. Breen

1985-1989 A/Capt. M. White

1990-1993 A/Capt. H. White

1993-1999 A/Maj. P. Fagan

1999-2002 Captain J.F Mahoney

Oct 2002-June 2003 Lt. Donna Gibbons

Sept 2003-June 2004 Capt Dawn. Baldwin

June 2004-Present Capt. James Mahoney



1987-88 - J. St. Croix and A. Singleton

1989-90-G. Yetman and J. Yetman

1990-91-J. Tobin

1991-92-R. Yetman, L. Kielly, and W. Fagan

1992-93-N. Mooney, K. Comerford, K. Mooney, S. Yetman

1993-94-G. Comerford, J. Neville, J. Yetman, W. St.Croix

1994-95-B. Fagan, J. McDonald, B. Butler, W. Christopher, E. Moriarty, W.Bishop

1995-96-J. Kielly, D. Gibbons, J. White, D. Bishop, S. St.Croix, J. Kielly, M. Yetman

1996-97- W. Bishop, J. Kielly, M. Yetman

1997-98- L. Squires, M. Yetman, K. Kielly, K. Bishop, M. Kielly, L. Halleran

1998-99-D. Power, J. Corcoran, I. Martin, C. Squires, D. Bishop, J. Corcoran, M. Kielly

1999-2000-A. Martin, M. Gibbons, D. Lewis, M. Williams, A. Ward, P. Hearn

2000-01-R. Breen, R. Kielly, S. Hickey, D. Stamp, J. Kenny, V. Hayward , V. Kielly, L. Kielly, M. Kielly

2001-02- J. Bishop, A. Mahoney, M. McDonald, M. Molloy, M. Peach, D. Williams,

E. St. Croix

2002-03- N. Gibbons, N. Gibbons, M. Lewis, T. Martin, J. Ryan, A. Ryan

2003-04- C. Lewis, C. Corcoran, D. Neville, S. Hicks, M. Hickey, K. Kielly, N. Stamp,

2004-05- A. Power, DJ. Hayward , B. Hickey, T. Halleran



1992 C/CAPT G. Yetman

1993 C/CAPT J. Tobin

1994 C/CWO R. Yetman

1995 C/CWO K. Comerford

1996 C/CWO Jamie Neville

1997 C/CWO Jillian McDonald

1998 C/CWO Donna Gibbons

1999 C/CWO Jennifer Kielly

2000 CWO Maria Kielly

2001 CWO Maria Kielly

2002 CWO Martin Andrew

2003 CWO Kielly Robert

2004 CWO Mandy Peach

2005 CWO Noel Gibbons




2001 WO Martin Ian

2002 CWO Martin Andrew

2003 CWO Robert Kielly

2004 WO Noel Gibbons

2005 MWO Neil Gibbons



1992 CWO Tobin Jolene

1993 C/CSM R. Yetman

1994 C/CSM L. Kielly

1995 C/SGT J. Mahoney

1996 C/MWO G. Comerford

1997 C/MWO B. Butler

1998 C/MWO J. Kielly

1999 C/MWO M. Yetman

2000 C/MWO D. Bishop

2001 C/MWO D. Power

2002 WO Hayward Vanessa

2003 WO Breen Regina

2004 MWO Mary Ellen Molloy

2005 WO Christa Lewis



2001- CWO Maria Kielly

2004-CWO Mandy Peach






1991 Col. W. Crocker

1992 LCol. T.F McGrath

1993 LCol. T.F McGrath

1994 Col. A.P Cowan

1995 ???????????????

1996 Col. J.T Allston

1997 Sup. G Duff (RCMP)

1998 Maj. E. Casey

1999 LCol. P. Grandy

2000 LCol T.F McGrath

2001 LCol C.J Keough

2002 Major William Kelly

2003 Lt. (Ret.d) Selby Luffman

2004 Commander Murray Wylie

2005 Mr. Fabian Manning MHA Placentia-St. Mary’s




Jamie Bishop – 2002 ACLI Drill and Ceremonial Course

Evan St. Croix – 2002 ACLI Adventure Course

Colin Corcoran—2003 ACLI Adventure Course

Dion Gibbons—2005 ACLI Physical Education & Recreational Training


WALSH AWARD (Top Junior Officer at ACSTC Argonaut)

Lt. Del Stamp—2005 Platoon Commander on the Basic Army Cadet Course


McAdams Award (Top Warrant Officer at ACSTC  Argonaut)

WO Noel Gibbons—2005 C-Coy Platoon Warrant Officer



Placed first in Avalon Region First Aid Demonstration--1993, 1995, 1997

Placed Second provincially in overall improvement--1993

Band received honorable mention in the Downtown Santa Claus Parade-1993

Band placed third in the Downtown Santa Clause Parade--1999

Placed Second and Third respectively in the City of St. John's Pipes and Drums Drummers Call--1995, 1996

Placed First in Avalon Region Drill Competition--1996-97

Placed First Provincially in both Drill and First Aid competitions--1996-97

Received the Commanders Shield Award at ACR for most citizenship training--2000

Received first place in Drill Team Competition (Army Units) and 4th place over all. 

Placed fourth in Region at the Zone Marksmanship Competition- 2004




The formation of 2863 Dunne Memorial RCACC has had a positive effect on the St. Mary's area. Through the cadet movement many young people have developed qualities of leadership, gained self-confidence and self-discipline. The cadets have experienced the excitement of travel and meeting new friends, which would otherwise not have been possible. As in many small towns communities throughout the province, summer employment is difficult to obtain, but thanks to the cadet movement, all of our senior cadets have been able to gain summer employment.