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#2870 Cadet Corps

Name -       Ottawa Service Battalion Cadet Corps     

Location      Ottawa, ON    

Formed   November 28, 1970      Disbanded      April 21, 1999

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Unknown (1970-99)


Maj E.F. Hughes CD (1999) Biography 



Senior Cadets

Unknown (1970-99)



Corps Flag

(courtesy  Casey Anderson)


Corps Home






History -   

 This Corps was formed 28 Nov 70 and known as anavets Cadet Corps and sponsored by the Anavets Association. It affiliated with Ottawa Service Battalion. Change of designation (Message D Cdts 35 dated 13 Jan 76) to 28 (Ottawa) Service Battalion Cadet Corps. In 1975 a change of sponsor occurred to Youth Development Association but no official notice received. According to the 1981 annual inspection report the Corps was placed on probation as a means to reinforce the need to improve administration. Effective 1 Sep 83 the Corps changed sponsor to Branch 593, Royal Canadian Legion, Nepean. Eff 25 Oct 96 corps became affiliated with 28 (Ott) Svc Ban and RC Dragoons (D Cdts Adm 791).

The Army Cadet League of Canada concurred in an amalgamation of 2870 Ottawa Service Battalion Cadet Corps and 2332 - 763 Ottawa Communication Regiment Cadet Corps resulting in 2332 absorbing 2870 including staff and assets. Eff 21 April 99, 2870 corps was disbanded (D Cdts Adm 178).

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Name -          Royal Canadian Dragoons Cadet Corps     

Location      Ottawa, ON    

Formed        May 5, 2002      Disbanded    Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Maj E.F. Hughes CD (2002-03)

Capt Maureen Hayes (2003-04) Biography 

Capt W.A. Currie, CD (2004-2008) Biography 

Capt Cote, CD (2008-11) Biography

Maj W.A. Currie, CD (2011-2012) Biography 

Maj J.A. Babin, CD (2012-current) Biography 


Senior Cadets

    C/CWO Jeremy Hoos (2002-03)


 C/CWO Tom Clark (2003-04)


C/CWO Wesley Stinson (2004-06)   


C/ CWO Alanna Gasser (2006-07)


C/CWO Alex Goyette (2007-2008)
C/CWO Eric Harding (2008-2009)

C/CWO Nick McKenna (2009-2010)


C/CWO David Logan (2010-2011)

C/CWO Mackenzie Noring (2011-2012)

C/MWO Curtis Johnson (2012)


C/CWO Zachary Williams (2012-2013)

C/CWO Daivd Sample (2013-2014)


Corps Flag

(courtesy  Mike Lepage)

Corps Home

Corps HQ, 2 Brouillette Rd

Connaught Ranges Primary Training Centre

The Cadet Drill Hall, 5 Brouillette Rd

Connaught Ranges Primary Training Centre


1st shoulder flash

current shoulder flash

(courtesy Maj J.A. Babin, CD)


After being disbanded in 1999 for administrative reasons, 2870 was reformed/stood-up on 5 May 2002 at Connaught Ranges.  Prior to 1996, 2870 had been made up of two companies, A & B Coy, at the Holland Armouries at 2100 Walkley Road (also the location of the corps HQ), and one, C Coy, in Kanata, parading at the Earl of March H.S. (until 1996), and then at Connaught Ranges, first at Bldg. 29 (1996-97), then the Range Control building (1997-99), and finally at the current drill hall (in Fall 1999).  The year 1995 was the last year that all three companies wore the Logistics cap badge.  The following year, C Coy in Kanata was rebadged Royal Canadian Dragoons and turned their green berets in for black ones and, in adopting armoured traditions and labels, became C Sqn.  Soon after, B Coy rebadged to EME (Electrical Mechanical Engineers).  In 1997, it was decided that numbers in Kanata/Connaught were high enough that C Sqn would split in half and a new squadron, Recce Sqn, was formed.  Thus, at the time of disbandment, 2870 was made up of two support companies, one (A) Logistic and one (B) EME, and two armoured squadrons, both of which (C and Recce) were RCD.  In summary, there was A Coy, B Coy, C Sqn, and Recce Sqn.


A few years after 2870 had been absorbed into 2332, and numbers at C and Recce Sqn at Connaught Ranges were felt to be high enough, 2870 was reformed/stood-up in 2002.  This time, there were no support cap badges, and no affiliation to 28 Service Battalion, solely to the Royal Canadian Dragoons.  Their affiliation has led to tremendous support from “The Regiment,” with many exercises involving visits from various armoured vehicles and stays at the hangars where the RCD keep their Coyotes and Bisons at CFB Petawawa



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