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Name -              Gordon Cadet Corps    

Location           Punnichy, SK

Formed             December 14, 1970               Disbanded       December 5, 2001       

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 Capt W. Starr (1973-77) Biography




 Capt Melvin D. McNab (1986-87) Biography




Capt Herman N. Blind (?) Biography




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History -   

 This Corps was formed 14 Dec 70, and designated 2871 Gordon Cadet Corps. It was sponsored by the Gordon Student Residence and affiliated with Regina Rifles.

Effective 10 Jul 82 the Regina Rifles Regt redesignated as The Royal Regina Rifles.
D Cdts 5 msg 365 051505Z Oct 00 authorizes disbanment to commence.

D Cdts 5 msg 009 111432Z Jan 02 disbandment is authorized eff. 05 Dec 2001.