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#337 Cadet Corps

Name -  Queen's York Rangers Cadet Corps

Location  Toronto, ON

Formed June 8, 1912     Disbanded  Active

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

Capt G.A. Cline (1912) Biography




Maj. G.N. Bramfitt ED (1926) Biography




Maj W.L. Mumford (1951-52) Biography




Major S.H. Bull (1967-72) Biography


Capt Scaife (1972-) Biography




Capt Edith Vamplew (1979) Biography




Capt Doug King (?-2006) Biography
Major Gary Bonnel, CD (2006-?) Biography

Maj. D. Ferris, CD (2009-12) Biography

Senior Cadets







 C/CWO Alex Wilkins (2005)


 C/CWO Anthony Lam (2006)


C/CWO Leila Hilton (2006-07)


C/CWO Brandie Riddoch (2007-)
C/CWO Chandler (2009-10)
C/CWO Chandler (2011)
C/CWO S. Strack (Sept 2012 - Jan 2013)
C/CWO C. Wong (Jan - June 2013)

Corps Flag

Corps Home



Fort York Armoury

History - 

This Corps was formed 8 Jun 1912, and was known as The University of Toronto Schools Cadet Corps, sponsored by Board of Governors. In 1942, the corps was affiliated with the 4th (R) Medium Brigade R.C.A., and in Oct 12, 1943 with the 7th (R) Toronto Group R.C.A. affil.: HQ RCA 2nd Armd Div. On Nov 10, 1951, they became affiliated with the 29th Field Artillery Regt (SP). Effective 8 Nov 1972, Corps redesignated Queen's York Rangers Cadet Corps. A message, Cdts 784, 1 Nov 1972 requests authority to affiliate with and be sponsored by Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment).

#337 University of Toronto Schools Cadet Corps

The University of Toronto Schools Cadet Corps was organized June 8, 1912, with the official number #337. The Chief Instructor was Capt (later Lt.-Col) G.A. Cline. The first public appearance of the corps was in 1913 when it formed part of an honour guard for Prime Minister Robert Borden.

At first the unit was affiliated with the Royal Canadian Engineers and military engineering was one of the subjects on the training syllabus.  During World War II the affiliation was changed to the 29th Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery.

The 1960' s brought a new look to the corp. In 1964, the 29th Field Regiment was disbanded and UTS found itself without affiliation. Also, due to the loss of drill facilities at the University Armories and the increased athletic programme at the school, it was decided to make the Cadet Corps a voluntary activity. In the fall of 1965, 116 Cadets enrolled, making the corps the largest single school activity. It continued to represent the school as a body, carrying on a proud tradition, with specialist activities running in signals, rifle and Precision Squad.

A new affiliation -- the Toronto Signals Regiment -- was found, and with their help, the activity continues all year long and three platoons parade each spring on the cement floor of Varsity Stadium.

The corps has a fine record of achievement at annual inspection. At the first inspection, in 1913, the corps was pronounced "efficient" by the inspecting officer, and a high standard has been maintained since. The continued maintenance of that standard depends largely on the quality of leadership displayed by the officers, warrant officers and non-commissioned officers of the corps.

#337 UTS Cadet Corps is one of the few in Canada that has had a continuous history since its organization. It is a history to be proud of. In both World Wars a large number of cadets enlisted in the armed services and many of these won decorations for gallantry. The names of those who gave their lives are inscribed on the bronze tablets at the front door of the school. With a continuous history, and a history of service, learning, and valuable contributions to its country, the UTS Cadet Corps now continues on as a volunteer establishment, under Major S.H. Bull. It is one of the few Cadet Corps left in the Toronto area, and, with the leadership, mutual cooperation and responsibility at UTS, is still going strong in 1968.




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