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#818 Cadet Corps

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Name -           Grand Falls Cadet Corps      

Location        Grand Falls, NB

Formed     December 18, 1919   Disbanded      November 3, 1927

Reformed     December 14, 1928    Disbanded      May 31, 1935 

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H.Q. 12-G-28






 Capt. D.V. Palin, instructor of No. 318 Cadet Corps, Woodstock , N.B. has received the following letter, which A.B. Snow Lieutenant Colonel District Cadet Officer, M.D.7, received from the Department of National Defence, Ottawa .

 With reference to the marginally mentioned subject, I am directed to inform you that a report has been received from the Directory General St. John Ambulance Association, I which No. 318 Woodstock and 818 Grand Falls Cadet Corps are shown as having obtained first and second places respectively in this Competition.

 This information has been received with the utmost satisfaction at National Defence Headquarters and I am to request that you will please convey to the Cadet Corps authorities and to the members of the successful teams, the congratualtions of the Honourable the Minister and the Officers at National Defence Headquarters.

 (sgd) S.H. Hill, Colonel

Director of Physical Training and Cadets Services for Chief of Staff


MAY 8, 1923