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# 94 Cadet Corps

Name -  Lisgar Street Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps

Location  Ottawa, ON

Formed  April 16, 1903    Disbanded  June 30, 1947

Commanding Officers/Chief Instructors- 

unknown (1903-10)


Lt Higgins (CEF) (191?) biography


unknown (1912-47


Senior Cadets













Corps Flag


Corps Home

Lisgar Collegiate Institute - Apr 2007 (F. Arseneault)



may have worn the affiliated unit badge


flocked shoulder flash possibly issued ca.1943


History - 


Originally formed "Victoria Cadet Corps Drill Association" at Ottawa Grammar School (forerunner of Lisgar Collegiate) in April 1866. Ottawa Collegiate Institute, 43rd Regt (Duke or Cornwall's Own Rifles). affil.: Ottawa Regt (Duke of Cornwall's Own). Redisig: 94 Lisgar Street Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps, Nov 1930. H.Q. 12-34-1

flocked shoulder flash possibly issued ca.1943




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