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LCol D.J. "Dan" Bonner, OMM, CD

Lieutenant Colonel Bonner was born in Ireland in 1925, and came to Canada in 1932. He joined the Militia in 1942 volunteering for active service in 1943 as a Private Soldier. He went overseas in 1944 serving with the Queen's Own Rifles and taking part in the campaign in Holland and Germany. With the Nazi surrender he volunteered for the Pacific Force. When the war ended he was posted to 2 RCR, Brockville, Ontario as the only qualified mechanic in the carrier platoon. In 1946 he transferred to the Regular Force and was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.

In the fall of 1949 he went with The RCR to Petawawa and was promoted Corporal. In 1950 he was posted to Mortar Platoon where he was promoted Sergeant taking on the duties of Transport Sergeant. In 1951 he was commissioned. On graduation he remained at the Infantry School as a Platoon Commander. In 1954 he was assigned as the Assistant Quartermaster for the Infantry School. In Jan 55, he was posted to 1 RCR in London as a Platoon Commander with Charles Company. He was promoted to Captain in 1956 while serving with 1RCR in Germany. 

Lieutenant Colonel Bonner was posted to The RCR Depot in 1959 then to 2 RCR in London, Ontario in 1960. In 1962 he went back to the Officer Candidate School as the Training Officer. He was promoted Major in 1965 and was posted to 1 RCR in London as Support Company Commander. The following year he went to Cyprus with the Battalion. In 1967 he was posted to The RCR Depot, also in London, but this time as the Chief Instructor. He remained there until the closure of the Depot in December 1968. Lieutenant Colonel Bonner became Staff Officer (Administration and Logistics) for the Militia in the Western Ontario area in 1969. He commanded Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp for the summer of 1970. In 1971 he went to Kashmir as part of a United Nations Observer Force returning to London in 1972 where he again served as the Senior Staff Officer, London Militia District. Major Bonner retired from the Regular Force in 1974 and assumed command of 4 RCR as a Lieutenant Colonel until 1979 when he retired.

Lieutenant Colonel Bonner's serving military career spanned 37 years but his service to The Regiment was far from over. He remained active in regimental affairs after retirement first with the 4 RCR Board of Governors (then known as the 4 RCR Senate) and with The RCR Association where he served as Chairman in 1984. He was a member of The RCR Trust from 1988 until 2005 first as Treasurer then as Chairman providing leadership and continuity in safeguarding the long-term financial interests of the Regiment. Although his duties occurred behind the scenes, his role was key in allowing The Regiment to achieve a measure of long-term financial stability.