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Raising the championship company banner, 1950 (DND)


Marchpast, Band leading, 1950 (DND)


WO1 Hallzhauer instructing class of 2nd year students Driver Mech Course, 1950 (DND)


Church parade, a lesson being read by Cadet LCol Sawton, 1950 (DND)


A crew on laying from the Signals All Arms Course, 1950 (DND)


Capt B.M. Mulligan at the lifeguard tower at Ipperwash beach on Lake Huron, 1950 (DND)


Shop practice for second year cadets, 1950 (DND)


Cpl Dizazzo from 23 Tpt Coy RCASC instructing a class of 1st year D&M cadets, 1950 (DND


Maj Win Jennings, on left, of 1112 W.D. Lowe Technical School Cadet Corps Windsor ON, analysing a target, 1950 (DND)


On the miniature range, Maj Jennings of 1112 W.D. Lowe Technical School Cadet Corps Windsor ON, and Capt K.T. Bushby CTO Central Command in charge of firing point, 1950 (DND)


Showing the Red Cross "Buddy" system of safety in the swimming area, the same system used at all the camps today, 1950 (DND)


March past on Sunday morning following the Church Parde, Brig J. Bennett taking the salute, 1950 (DND)


Cadet LCol L. Sawton from Windsor, ON to the right of the Saluting Base, 1950, (DND)


Lining up for transport to the beach, 1950 (DND)


training on the 58 sets, 1950 (DND) (National League office collection)


The camp formed up for Sunday morning Church Parade, 1950 (DND) (National League office collection)


D&M (Driver Mechanical) training 1950 (DND) (National League office collection)