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Ipperwash Army Cadet Camp

Camp Commanding Officers 1947-1993

note: still very much under construction - if you can assist us with the names, photos, bios on COs of Ipperwash please contact us

unknown 1947


Col Herbert Alan Sparling, CBE, DSO, MiD, 1948 Biography

unknown 1949


Brig J. Bennett 1950  Biography

Brigadier Anderson 1951-52  Biography


unknown 1953-55


Brigadier T.G. Gibson, CBE, DSO, CD, 1956-58  Biography


Brigadier Frederick A. Clift, DSO, MiD, ED, CD ,Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Vermeil, 1959-61  Biography


Brigadier K.H. McKibbon, CD 1962-63 Biography


Brigadier William Scott Murdoch, OBE, MiD, CD, Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (with Swords) (Holland), 1964-July 15, 1966  Biography


Col T.J. Green, MiD, CD July 15, 1966-1967  Biography


BGen G.R.A. Coffin, CD 1968  Biography

LCol W.O. Roney, CD 1969


unknown 1970


LCol D.J. "Dan" Bonner, OMM, CD 1970  Biography


LCol W.H. Glover, CD 1971-72  Biography


unknown 1973-74


LCol J.E. Knox, CD 1975-77 Biography


LCol W.A. MacDonald, CD 1978-80  Biography


LCol. R.P. Russell, CD 1981-82 Biography 

unknown 1983-84 


 LCol N. Wilson, CD 1985  Biography


LCol Ralph West, CD, OStJ 1986-89  Biography

LCol Jim Abbott, CD 1990-92  Biography

LCol David Wright, CD 1993  Biography