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 - updated 1 Apr, 2008

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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Mystery 272 - this series of three photos was purchased this summer on ebay. It appears from the photo stock to be from the 1920s to 1930s era. Difficult to say where as the terrain is quite flat, the tents are clearly 'bell' tents, the cadet uniform are 7-button tunics with snake belt, though not all the cadets are in uniform. The officer is clearly wearing a WWI style tunic with the rank of Lt, note the pips on his tunic cuff as well as Sam Brown belt. Very intriguing and early cadet camp photos. Partly solved - I remember speaking to Roy Rigby-Jones about his youth photos of when he was in cadets. He mentioned, and I think I told you, that the uniforms they wore were former RCMP uniforms that had been given to them. You basically scrounged what you could. Those kids look like they are wearing old RCMP uniforms. Too bad it isn't colour! Thanks to Ted Usher 


Mystery 273


Mystery 274  (F. Arseneault coll.)



Mystery 275 - photo originates from Montreal, more than likely 1935-38. Very little else is known. Note rank strips instead of more common pips, also CS of C hat badges. Unknown medal, possibly King George V Jubilee 1935 medal or King George VI Coronation medal 1937. Street address 3700 on building may prove useful clue. Very interesting photo worthy of further research. Written on the back hand written in pencil "Samson". bottom right hand corner photographer "O. Allard  photo 1394 Mount Royal Ave East Montreal" (Bryan Patterson coll.) Partly solved Very good research - I did some research and here are some more clues.Using what clues you have: 3700 and 1394 Mont Royal East, this could be the front of what is currently École primaire Supérieure du Plateau.  It is located at 3700 Ave Calixa Lavalee. This is the borough, known in Montreal as Le Plateau (Mystery Photo 276). The photographer is only blocks away from the school. The school is surrounded by a park (Parc Lafountaine), so it is quite possible that this photo and 276 are the same unit, #91. I will show the photo to my grandmother next time I am in Montreal. She has lived in that area since the end of WW2. Thanks to Robert W Gill


Mystery 276 - #91 Corps de Cadets Le Plateau, note berets pulled back. unknown year or details. (Bryan Patterson coll.)


Mystery 277 - possible Boys Brigade, soldier in middle has Royal Canadian Regt insignia, photo from Quebec. 1920s? (Bryan Patterson coll.)


Mystery 278 - Church Lads Brigade cadet crops. There were several Church Lads Brigade cadets corps across the country from 1902-1931.  (Bryan Patterson coll.)


Mystery 279 - picture originated in Quebec. The good clue is the building in background. Church? Private school? Possibly pre WWI  (Bryan Patterson coll.)