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 - updated 23 July, 2011

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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Mystery 304 - A very interesting photo, somewhere around Victoria, approx 1919. A cadet camp, senior staff. written on back of photos " Officers, Cadet Camp, Sidney, Vanc Island
A H Sovereign (my departed uncle), later Bishop Sovereign , is the one upper right of the nurse.
"  WW I  Photographer is W D Simmonds, Victoria (Greater Vernon and area Museum)


Mystery 304b - detail, note hat badges


Mystery 304c - detail, note hat badges


Mystery 305 - not a lot of clues on this one, WWI or immediately after. 7-button tunics, and snake belts  (LCdr Neil Martin coll.)


Mystery 306 - a London Ontario school, note cadets along the building, maybe wearing shako hats (LCdr Neil Martin coll.) Solved - Pictured school is London Collegiate Institute circa 1885 according to the London Library website. (fore runner to No. 9.) Link follows: london/72206/data  LCdr Neil Martin


Mystery 307 - identified as Sacred Heart College Cadets in Victoriaville Quebec, we've had no luck locating such a corps. There is a Sacred Heart Cadet Company in St. Hyacinthe but that is some 40+ kilometers west. Partially solved this Corps may actually be affiliated to an American organization. Sacred-Heart College was run by the Religious Hospitallers of St Josheph in America. The organization arrived in Victoriaville in 1884. These may have been orphans....

The uniforms do not appear to be Canadian, but are perhaps early "JROTC" American

Though not an exact copy of the American uniform, it is closer than Canadian. The swords are definitely not Canadian. The only Canadian sword with the same hilt is the artillery sword, which has a distinct curve. The swords in the photo are straight. They closely resemble the US 1833 pattern officers' sword, AKA the US Civil War Sword.

Very special thanks to Robert Gill, great information



Mystery 308 - Not too much of a mystery, Banff 1979, one of the 8 platoons, but... which platoon is it? Anyone recognize the Capt? Any ideas anyone? (courtesy Marco Plesse) Partially solved - Definitely 6 Platoon, the British Cadet has a blue strip on his epaulet thanks to Diane Scott The officer is from Quebec. Partially solved - The civilian dressed young man may have been one of the Germans who first arrived in 1979. The blue stripe on the British cadet is actually a rank insignia called a UO or under officer, a bit like our officer cadet but from the CCF organization.  Just saw a few of them in my time at Banff. Maybe when I get home and go through the nominal rolls I will have more success. Thanks to LCol Lyle Johnson.

Mark Mackie of 2408 Base Borden Army Cadet Corps is fourth from left, second row Rob GerbrandT

Still looking for platoon number