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 - updated 7 July, 2010

We need your help to identify the following photos. We have posted as much information as we believe accurate. If you have information to add please quote the numbered photo.

When? Where? Who?

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Mystery #351 (courtesy Greater Vernon Museum) A platoon photo almost certainly 1951. There's enough good faces that someone is bound to know someone. A mix of hat badges: BCRs, 72nd Seaforth, 19th Alberta Dragoons, Signals, etc


Mystery #352 - We've got a pretty good idea this is Pipes & Drums, somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Partially solved, yes all these photos are from Vernon, however a clue above is the officer wearing pips, late 60s or early 70s perhaps? The staff sgt ranks of the two cadets in the front row is another clue. I'd like to hope someone will recognize a face here eventually. Cadet at far appears to be wearing an Irish Fuslilier hat badge wit ha black or dark blue beret. Partially solved, would have been 1972 or 1973. The Cadet front row 2nd left as you look at the picture, is P/Sgt Mike Monk of 2136 C Scot R in Victoria. Special thanks to Bill Nangle  - Solved!! The year is 1973, band company pipes and drums. I was there to learn to be a snare drummer. Although I had lots of fun that summer I did not really learn to play the drums. The company CO was a Major Duvarney (spelling I am not sure about, but he is not in the photo.) Special thanks to Gerry Parker


Mystery #353 We've got a pretty good idea this is part of the band, somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Almost certainly taken the same time as the previous photo, workdress uniform for the captain on the far right. Looks also to be 1973.


Mystery #354 all from the same photo album, somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Could be USMC LCol Harrison visiting as part of the work ups towards the USMC Jr ROTC exchange program. The Captain doesn't look familiar, his hat badge almost looks like a Westies, but not quite sure. Partially solved The MWO with the pace stick is MWO John Poucher. He was the DSM for many years Thanks to Steve Marshall  Partially solved  MWO John Poucher, so that will narrow down the date. Thanks to Bill Nangle


Mystery #355 somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Partially solved not 74-75  pith helmets were only worn by the guard during this era  Thanks to Steve Marshall. Partially solved I think the dates given for Photos 355 and 356 are much too late. Puttees were removed from the order of dress in 1965. Issue of the green unibag began in 1968 and was completed by 1970. The inspection/instruction parties wear the dress of an earlier period. The cadets are dressed for the Saturday morning camp massed parade of the mid-to-late 50s and early 60s -- Shirts OD (olive drab); Shorts KD (khaki drill); Boots, Leather, Ankle, Black; Hosetops, Puttees; Helmets, Pith, Belts, Web, 37-pattern; and nametag in QM-speak. These photos probably date from no later than the mid 1960s. 

The first picture on the page is a real puzzler. The cadets are wearing some elements of the dress described earlier but the one-inch buckled web belt is an anomaly. It was generally worn under the Tropical Worsted (Tee Dub) which was only issued to Master Cadets on the annual tour program whereas the standard belt for the way they're dressed in this photo was the 37-pattern web belt. The mix of brown and colored berets would seem to place it in the transitionary period between 1956 and 1958 as the colored forage slowly trickled down the QM chain to the regular army, through the militia and into the cadets corps who replaced their brown berets as the affiliated militia regiments gave up their colored berets.   Thanks to Al DItter.


Mystery #356 somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Partially solved not 74-75 for the same reason plus the staff are weaing FSOD commonly called bush dress. most likely in the 50s or 60s Thanks to Steve Marshall


Mystery #357 somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? any of these girls look familiar?


Mystery #358 somewhere in the 1974-77, any ideas? Partially solved - This photo has to have been taken at the same time as #355 and 356 as you can see the green pith helmet equipped cadets at the far left. Another clue is the weather station at the top of the hill, anyone know when it was built? It may be hidden behind the pith helmet of the left marker or it may nit be built yet. Thanks to Graham Brunskill and Ed Liukaitis. Partially solved - shows rope tension drums....that means it is not the 1970's, as we have modern drums by then. Thanks to Bill Nangle